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Upcoming Class with Catapult:
"The Art of Flash Nonfiction"

I’m a Founding Editor of True.Ink, a revival of a heritage adventure magazine. My writing has been published in the New York Times, New York Magazine,, The Rumpus, River Teeth, Nowhere Magazine, Hobart, Newtown Literary, Gothamist, and Untapped Cities, among other places.


I work on biographies and oral histories for  StoryTerrace, teach flash nonfiction for Catapult, and blog as part of Medium's nonfiction authors program. NO ONE YOU KNOW, my debut book, is out now from Outpost19.

For True, I’ve interviewed bison herdershot air balloonistsice sailorsflame dancersherring scholarshigh diversbutterfly guidesRoughwater racerstango composers​Tusheti seekershistoric boat captainsprofessional table tennis playersmountain climbersbackgammon masters, among other unusual folks. I also run the IP department and am a co-creator of 9 Arches, our real-life adventure game ​recently licensed by Moose Games.

I’m available for manuscript consultations, copywriting, editing, and ghostwriting. Recently, I’ve worked on a celebrity memoir, a nonfiction book about a spaceship that will save humanity, a memoir of a holocaust survivor, a magazine essay about grief, as well as the Underdog Hall of Fame. 

I'd be thrilled to Zoom-in for your book club to discuss NO ONE YOU KNOW.​

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